Feel anxious visiting a dentist? This could be the reason

It is very common and okay to feel anxious while visiting a dentist, but if a person is irrationally or extremely afraid of going to the dentist in general, there may be a problem. Dentophobia refers to the fear of dentists and may even leave people paralyzed for a moment. “Dentophobia is common among all age groups and is often associated with other phobias such as agoraphobia (fear of being in a situation where you cannot escape), trypanophobia (fear of needles) and iatrophobia (fear of doctors). Dentophobia is very common and affects approximately 75 percent of the adult global population,” says Dr Binita Priyambada, senior consultant, medical team at Docprime.com.

Types of Dentophobia

Different elements may be responsible for causing dentophobia. Some people may fear all the elements simultaneously while others may just fear one or two. These elements include:

1. Needles: People often fear needles and sharp objects. Seeing needles and drills at the dentist’s clinic may increase the fear of a dentist.

2. Numbness: People may fear being numb because they might think that it would make it difficult for them to breathe or swallow. The fear may be so strong that they would simply avoid getting the dental procedure done.

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