Ibrahim Ali Khan debuts with ad for clothing brand, fans say ‘replica’ of dad Saif.

Saif Ali Khan’s son Ibrahim has completed his first professional photoshoot for a clothing brand and pictures from the shoot have surfaced online. In pictures where Ibrahim is seen posing for the cameras, he is seen wearing black coloured hoodie and also dons a white polo neck tshirt in one picture.

Fans were quick to appreciate his look, some even calling him a ‘replica’ of dad Saif. Ibrahim is often compared to Saif but his actor father has famously said that the younger Pataudi is “better looking” than him.

Ibrahim has often expressed interest in becoming an actor like his parents Saif and Amrita Singh, and sister Sara Ali Khan. Talking about Ibrahim and his career plans, Saif had earlier said, “He should, he’s looking good, better looking than I am! He’s a very charming guy. I definitely think all of my children would be interested in acting. We’re an acting family, the whole bunch of us are in the industry. So I’m sure. He’s still a little young, and I’m keener that he does university first. Then, of course, we’ll support him in whatever he wants to do.”

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