Most common sleep disorders and their symptoms that you should not ignore

There may be quite a few of you who have trouble sleeping at night. Even if you do manage to doze off, you might keep waking up from time to time. Many of us, however, tend to ignore the signs until the problem becomes persistent and result in sleep disorder.

“Sleep disorder is a common problem today that co-exists with headache and day-to-day stress. Some patients do not come forth with sleep issues, but every time they come with a headache problem, a common neurological disorder, we find that at least 60-70 per cent of the times it is related to disrupted sleep. In such cases, the headache may be the culprit for lack of sleep or vice versa,” Dr Rima Chaudhari consultant neurologist, Fortis Hospital Mulund .

So what are the signs to watch out for? Dr Chaudhari said that most patients either have trouble falling asleep or find it difficult to maintain sleep throughout the night. “A less common sleep disorder is that of waking up early or what is known as an advanced phase of sleep disorder,” she said.

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