Prawn Quiches Recipe

There’s nothing better than indulging in your favourite cup of coffee served with a delightful Prawn Quiche. However, when it comes to preparing exotic delights, the mere idea of putting in so much efforts can scare you off! Well, we have got a simple yet interesting recipe of quiche, which will help you to nail this delight that too without putting in much efforts. Made with the goodness of prawns, cottage cheese, margarine and other ingredients, the quiche recipe will certainly be a treat for your taste buds. In fact, if you are planning a special get together, then this is the thing to go for! Just follow this simple recipe and woo your loved ones with its amazing delight. Try this healthy and scrumptious recipe.

  • 500 gm whole wheat pastry flour
  • 4 egg
  • 50 gm margarine
  • 4 teaspoon chopped parsley
  • 1 pinch ground white pepper powder
  • 4 tablespoon fresh cream
  • 2 finely chopped onion
  • 200 gm cottage cheese
  • 2 pinches salt
  • 200 gm prawns
  • Prepare the quiche baseRoll out the pastry dough on a lightly floured surface and use this to line 4 individual quiche dishes. Once done, prick the base with a clean fork and cover it with kitchen foil. Later weigh it down with rice.
  • Step 2- Fry the onionsPreheat the oven and bake it over a moderately hot oven for 10 minutes. Later remove the rice and foil. Simultaneously, melt margarine in a pan. Then gently fry the onions, for the next 3 minutes.
  • Step 3- Mix the ingredients togetherAdd eggs, cottage cheese, parsley, salt, cream and pepper in a bowl and beat well. Add onions and prawns to it.
  • Step 4- Bake the quicheDivide the mixture equally between the flan cases and bake in a preheat moderately hot oven for 20 minutes.
  • Step 5- Prawn quiche is ready to serveGarnish with parsley and serve hot.

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