Rakhi Sawant’s husband Ritesh confirms he ‘exists’: ‘Rakhi is God’s gift to me’

After months of speculations on whether he even exists and if actor Rakhi Sawant is actually married, her husband Ritesh has finally come out in the media and talked about it all. Confirming that he is a businessman from the UK, Ritesh told SpotBoye that he is blessed to have married Rakhi, calling her “God’s gift” to him.

“I have never seen a woman like her. I think she is superior than me,” he said adding he would never want to change ”her outspokenness… she is very frank and I think that’s a great virtue.”

Reacting to speculation that Rakhi may have cooked up her marriage to stay in news, he told the entertainment website, “How does it matter whether what people think about my existence? Let them believe or not. I have a family. Rakhi has a family. We are both happy. That’s all that matters.”

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