Raveena Tandon on actresses being accused of undergoing plastic surgery: ‘Heroes do it too, why point fingers at women?’

Raveena Tandon opened up about the pressure to perpetually look young in the entertainment industry. She said that it was ‘hypocritical’ that only female actors were accused of going under the knife or getting Botox, when male actors do the same. She was speaking to Kareena Kapoor Khan on the radio show What Women Want.

“The media only accuses women that ‘Oh, she must have undergone this surgery’ or ‘Oh, she must have had Botox’. What do these people think, that heroes don’t do these things? Our heroes do it too, then why point fingers at women only)?” Raveena asked.

She went on to question whether the leading men of Bollywood were privy to some secrets of eternal youth that they did not know of. “Have our heroes discovered the eternal fountain of youth? Are they drinking something out of somewhere which we heroines don’t know? What is it?” she asked.

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