Shashi Tharoor: Asking for blood not function of Parliament

What do you have to say about the incident in Hyderabad?

Our role to be a society is based on the rule of law. Everyone has been clamouring for justice for the victim of the horrible, heinous crime, but at the same time, justice should come through a judicial process. We don’t know the full details. If it turns out that the police really was facing a risk of violence from the suspected criminals, naturally pre-emptive action on their part may be justified. But as a general principle, it should remain that the guilty must be punished through due process of law, because the law of the jungle cannot prevail in our law enforcement practice.

This is the second instance in Telangana of an instant justice system delivery. Do you think it is a trend now?

We already have toughest rape laws after Nirbhaya (the December 16, 2012 rape case). Sadly, not even that could prevent the incidents. What we also need is a comprehensive policy of prevention, we need to see that our police is strengthened… We need a serious level of gender sensitisation, starting from Class 1. Our boys must understand, not only mothers and goddesses are to be respected, but the girls also. What we needed is a complete prevention approach.

Are you going to raise this in Lok Sabha?

The problem is that everyone who was taking the floor on behalf of their party, including my party, spoke about punitive action. I don’t believe that’s the whole answer.

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