Sonali Bendre on why she chucked wig, wheelchair during battle against cancer: ‘ It was so awkward, I said I don’t want it’

Bollywood actor Sonali Bendre has spoken about her battle with cancer and how she decided to give up the wig and embrace herself the way she was. Sonali appeared on Kareena Kapoor’s radio show.

In a teaser for the show that she shared on Instagram, Sonali is heard saying, “I really had my wig and everything planned and I will put it on. It was so awkward siting in a wheelchair. I said, ‘You know? I don’t want to be in a wheelchair’. I am tired and I don’t want it. I said ‘you know what? Chuck it. This is what it is’.”

Talking about the entire process of the treatment, Sonali had earlier said, “I didn’t want to go to New York. It was my husband who wanted to go. And I fought with him all through the flight. ‘Why are you doing this? We have good doctors here. Why are you taking me away?’ My home, my life… in three days, we literally just packed and left and, I don’t know, what was happening. I was like let’s, at least, speak to the doctors here and he was just quiet through the whole thing and focussed. In the day, he was organising and, in the night, as New York was wake; so he was organising, so day and night–he was at that. So I got him and actually cribbed about the whole thing, on the flight. Through the flight, I have cribbed; I was really venting.”

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